Hi, I’m Coach D Nicole!

A resident of Jacksonville, FL, Coach D Nicole returned to her hometown in 2014 to use it as a platform upon which to bolster her emerging life coaching and training career. As a transformational life coach, D Nicole is most loved for her wit, boisterous personality, direct and upfront coaching style and generous, authentic smile. Since obtaining her formal certification as a Professional Christian Life Coach, D Nicole has gone on to pursue her credential as a life coach trainer which positions her to guide aspiring coaches along their own coaching paths. 

Her company, Sh’Shares NETWORK houses a sector focused solely on the training, certification and betterment of life coaches around the world. Over 20 coaches throughout the US, Jamaica and The Bahamas have gone through her certification program and still serve under Coach D’s ongoing mentorship and tutelage.

Coach D Nicole has been featured in N-to-U Magazine sharing a front page with Trent Shelton (www.TrentShelton.com). She has served as a guest speaker on Maslow Women Live, as co-host on the Ali B Variety Show and on Get Lifted Radio as a featured guest on the Conscious Creative radio show.

Her first book, Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!, sold 200 copies in the first 2 weeks of its release! Now a best-selling author, D Nicole looks forward to publishing remaining books within the Change Your Posture series! She currently has been periodically releasing a series of monthly journals connected to the topics in her first book.

Future plans for Coach D Nicole include developing relationships with high schools, colleges and universities, religious and community organizations throughout the area with the goal of affecting impact within thought-provoking, insight-seeking environments.

Coach D Nicole is MOST excited about working with YOU…

#ChangeYourPosture! #ChangeYourLIFE!